Our selection is based on different criteria.
We seek wines that define the sensations of their origin (Land, Denomination of Origin, …)
We are looking for wines which surprise us in the tasting, bringing us new experiences in the sampling.
Wines where the value for money is completely proven and guaranteed.
Round wines which help us to share very good times.



I was born on an inconspicuous Tuesday the 13th. (Latin equivalent to the anglosaxon Friday the 13th.) Before I turned two years old I was already walking and seriously intending to speak.
After several professional adventures, wine attracted me irremediably.
Studying and training was a new stage in my life, and Joan Milà opened my eyes and got me to fall in love with the creation of wines. From that moment on, I devoted myself completely to learn about this new world and get where I wanted to be, beside my brother with a company at hand.

Things cannot be easier when the will is there.

These first eight years have flown by very fast, and we intend to glide through the remaining ones, which will be many.


At home, we learned to enjoy good food and good drinking. The seed was sown. But what changed everything was a field of work in Falset, where Josep Lluís Pérez tutored me to my first tasting session.
Then everything went on a roll: Professional training in Falset, the Faculty of Oenology in Tarragona and the end assignment at the Champagne.
From there, I have combined commercial work in various companies with the tutoring of sommeliers (ESHOB) and chefs (Hofmann).
In the end, ENTREVINS, our current reality, came in. Oh, and I also write a book from time to time.

We live from wine and for wine. Aren’t we lucky…


Organization is the motto of my life.

When I was younger, I already organized leisure groups for young people. Then came the University and a degree in Philology.
As follow-up to my professional life, of course, I worked in the administration of a company devoted to leisure and socio-cultural animation.
In the end, I am the one who manages all the documentation of Entrevins. I am the one who talks to you when you have any organizational problem … Who else?


I was born in Calella and, despite being a grandson of fishermen, I never felt the call of the sea. I have worked from an early age at many different jobs, although I’ve always felt a carpenter. At Entrevins I am in charge of logistics and shipments (that is, sort out the goods and deliver them).

My goal is to be there even before you place the order.